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Farm tools aren’t only limited to large tractors and rakes. Check out these handy farm tools to use for your organic farm and garden.

Broadfork for Tilling

Instead of using a rototiller through the garden beds, you can still till existing beds with the broadfork. The steer fork prongs will gently run through the soil and work through the garden bed. Once the garden bed is established, you do not need to use a tiller to reestablish the area.

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Trapezoid Hoe

When the weeds start to reach the mid-height, the trapezoid hoe will efficiently remove them. The sharp corners are designed to rip out developed root plants better than the collinear hoe.

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Swan Neck Hoe

The Swan Neck Hoe is the best ergonomic hoe that puts less strain on the body. This half-moon hoe provides better chop and clearing through weeds.

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Glaser Wheel Hoe

If you manage a large plot and find it hard to keep up with weeds, the wheel hoe is the better option. This wheel hoe provides multiple attachments and allows you to manage space.

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Collinear Hoe

The Collinear Hoe is a lightweight hoe that features sharp blades that run in a parallel direction on the surface of the soil. It is perfect for slicing or thinning small weeds by the roots.

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