Diatomaceous Earth: The Top Organic Pesticide Control In The Market

Diatomaceous earth, also known as Kieselguhr, D.E or diatomite, is a friable and porous sedimentary rock whose structure is composed of very tiny aquatic plants and siliceous shells. This compound occurs in earthy beds which resemble chalk. It came about as a result of volcanicity and the compound is found in areas where the volcanic action is still active or slightly dormant. When it is hardened, the compound is otherwise known as diatomite.

The largest deposit of this sedimentary rock was found in the United States where beds which were more than 1000 feet thick extended over a huge area in Santa Barbara County. Other major production sites include Nevada and Washington. Countries like France, Russia, and Denmark also have well-developed industries for the processing this kind of mineral.

About Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the resulting compound made from the remains of tiny, fossilized organisms known as diatoms. The skeleton is made of silica. Diatoms have continued to accumulate over the years in sediments along oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers. Currently, silica deposits are being mined in these areas. Products which contain diatomaceous earth include pesticides. The ones which are non-pesticide are used as toothpaste, medicine, beverage and even skin care products.

It works by absorbing moisture and oils from the insect’s exoskeleton. It is also not regarded as poisonous to human beings. Suppose a person accidentally consumes the diatomaceous earth, little or no harm is done. This is because very little is actually absorbed by your body. The rest is excreted rapidly. Even though little ones are more likely to be sensitive to pesticides as compared to adults, there is currently no conclusive data showing that kids have an increased sensitivity to diatomaceous earth. Learn more about the diatom and its many uses by visiting the following website @ http://diatomaceous.org

Top Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

The compound is naturally formed and is derived from oceanic algae and other diatoms remain. Consequently, it has chalky, clay-like remains which are found in form of a white powder. This white powder can be used for body cleansing. Research also shows that the powder also promotes normal blood lipids, detoxes the gut and fights dangerous intestinal organisms.

Promotes Skin Health

Due to the fact thIs compound is abrasive, it is often used as an exfoliator. Exfoliation is an essential skin care routine as it removes dead cells which tend to make one’s skin look worn out. There is also collagen which is a key building block for great skin production. Silica works together with the collagen to make your skin healthier and smoother

Using It At Home

  • Mix the compound with some essential oils say, olive or castor oil
  • Add the mixture to your liquid soap.
  • Use the final compound to scrub your face. Afterward, rinse with clean water.

Other home techniques include adding the compound to your bubble bath in order to get that extra scrub.

Other Diatomaceous Earth Uses

  • Hair. Silica present in the compound is the primary ingredient in most hair care products. The diatomaceous earth would be especially favorable to a person who has thinning hair. The silica component of the compound promotes hair growth by making it fuller and healthier.
  • Nails. Again, silica is an essential product when it comes to nail maintenance. This component makes brittle nails stronger hence reduces occurrences of nail breaking.
  • Teeth. Adding diatomaceous earth to your toothpaste is a quick way of naturally making your teeth whiter and stronger.

D.E. Promotes Heart Health

Research has shown that food in which a significant amount of this compound was present was known to reduce cholesterol levels in a person thereby encouraging the health of the heart.The nutrients in the compound such as sodium, silica, iron, magnesium, and calcium also play an important role in building the bones and muscles.

Internal Cleanser: Detox

As stated earlier, the compound is a mildly abrasive. It is for this reason that it can be used both internal and external purposes. For internal body detox, while inside the body, it removes gut invaders and any other unwanted organisms in the digestive system. When consuming the compound, it is advised that you first taking small doses on an empty stomach. For instance, you can begin with just a teaspoon and work your way to up to three teaspoons.

Research has shown that the compound been successfully used to rid animals (such as livestock or pets) of other harmful organisms. The conpound is placed in livestock feed. This discourages fleas and most bugs in general.

The diatomaceous earth has proved to be a natural remedy for various problems especially now that we are in the era of global warming. The compound continues to serve many purposes and hopefully, in the future, it will be made readily available all over the world.

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