Top 4 Microlife Nutritionals Health Supplements For Body And Mind By Vasayo

Your nutritional needs should be primarily met through diet. However, for most of us, supplements are always deemed as the perfect way to get the nutrients you might be otherwise be lacking. Currently, there are lots of supplement manufacturers out there on the market, a factor that makes the prospect of finding the best product a hard task.

Are you tired of using supplements which are not effective? If yes then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to provide you with honest and a detailed review of a top-end supplement manufacturer, known as Vasayo. Read on and enhance knowledge.

What Is Vasayo?

Vasayo is typically a new firm and brand developed by highly experienced individuals who not only have vast knowledge in wellness and health but marketing as well. It features the Microlife Nutritionals line of supplements, which provide customers with an array of high-quality products tailored to support a broad range of health conditions. It is imperative to note that the firm equally offers its clients the opportunity to become part of its selling structure, by becoming a Vasayo seller.

What Are Some Of The Vasayo Products?

It is crucial to note that Vasayo has a total of five products which you can either purchase or sell if you decide to become a Vasayo partner. Each of these supplements is intended to provide some health benefits to the users. These are products you can trust and rely upon to offer you the expected results much quicker as compared to some of the low-quality supplements out there.

Have a look at these highly-effective Vasayo products.

Microlife Neuro

Your brain is an integral part of your body, and this implies that efforts must be made to ensure that it remains in its optimal condition at all times. A healthy and a happy brain benefits each part of your system virtually.

Perhaps that is the primary reason why your brain should receive the nutrition it requires. With MicroLife at your disposal, your brain will have all the nutrients it deserves. Some of the benefits you’ll get are improved clarity, enhanced cognitive function and memory. You’ll also experience a balanced mood, alert thinking, and improved energy level

The main ingredients here are:

• Bacopa: Filled with ingredients believed to improve your cognitive performance.
• Ginko Biloba: It has been used by the Ancient Chinese people to treat a variety of conditions. Today, research has proven that it is a highly effective antioxidant that combats memory loss and dementia.
• Citicoline: Is known to enhance alertness and reaction.
• Huperzine A: It is a natural nootropic which is touted for its massive ability to improve cognition and memory.
• Vinpocetine: It is charged with the duty of circulating sufficient blood and nutrients to the brain.

Microlife Sleep

A significant number of Americans are currently suffering from insomnia, a condition characterized by a lack of enough sleep. Bearing in mind that sleep is critical for your overall wellness, you are likely to also suffer in other areas of health as well. MicroLife contains proven ingredients that are expertly formulated to help solve your sleep problems. Apart from improving your sleep, you’ll also benefit from its ability to tackle stress.

The ingredient:

• GABA: This functions to improve the brain’s sleeping function.
• Vitamins B2 and B6: Controls your brain’s neurotransmitters.
• Melatonin: It can help to improve your sleep patterns.
• NAC: It minimizes sleep apnea.

MicroLife Energy

Without an adequate amount of energy in your system, you will never be able to carry out your daily activities quite quickly. MicroLife Energy is intended to provide you with lots of energy and help improve your performance by eliminating fatigue.

The ingredients:

• Green Tea Extract: It has been used in Asia for some health reasons. Here, it has been used to improve your energy levels.
• Hesperidin: An essential component that supports metabolism in your system.
• Rhodiola Rosea: Helps improve energy levels and performance.
• Maca Root Extract: Studies have proven that it can potentially give you energy.
• Guarana Extract: Used in nearly all weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant, it also creates natural energy.

MicroLife Renew

As a result of your exposure to toxins, sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition your system is always under constant threat from free radicals. This particular product can help renew and protect your body cells and fight the threat posed by the free radicals. It is filled with antioxidants that prevent the breakdown of cells. It equally powers up your immune system.


• Ginger: Known to support a healthy function of the joints.
• Acai Berry: Contains lots of antioxidant properties.
• Curcumin: Plays a key role in your cardiovascular function.
• Resveratrol: Improves cognitive functions and offers protection to your brain cells.

MicroLife Core Essentials

This product boasts of multivitamins and complex mineral traces. It uses the so called Advanced Delivery Technology for efficient nutrient bioavailability thus helping you create a long-lasting foundation for optimal wellness. The ingredients are selenium, chromium, the B Vitamins, Vitamins K and D. All these work holistically, allowing your system to realize its wellness goals more efficiently.

Why Should You Work With Vasayo?

The Nano-Technology

It is imperative to note that these supplements are designed with technology in mind, and this means that they are likely to offer all the anticipated results effortlessly. In fact, it is tough to find highly-effective products such as these on the market today.


Despite being so effective, these products are relatively affordable. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or become a business member, you have every reason to do so.

The company’s compensation plan: The company offers an attractive compensation plan, where you have a total of eighteen ranks to attain. This is determined by the number of clients you have, active affiliates on your part as well as the number of PV’s you can generate.

There is also the Binary compensation plan, where you can earn on a weekly basis based on the number of teams you build. What’s more, Vasayo pays matching bonuses, leadership and rank bonuses. For more understanding regarding all these benefits work, kindly visit the official website of this company. For a quick short version check out this informative guide

Vasayo Summary

Apparently, Vasayo is a promising supplement company that not only produces high-quality products but is also focused on helping users become part of the business. It also gives you the opportunity hone your leadership skills.

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